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Integrated Coherent Receiver

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Next Generation PON

SFP+ Transceivers

Support 1.25Gb/s to 11.3Gb/s bit rates

Compact SFP

Double Port Density On Access Line Cards

High Speed Products

We produce transmitter and receiver products as well as switching products for 100G optical transmission applications over distances of 2 to 2,000 kilometers. All of our high speed 100G and beyond products are based on our Advanced Hybrid Photonic Integration technology. This technology supports encoding 100 gigabits or more per second of information for transmitting over a single channel and decoding the information at the receiver.

For long distance transport of 100 to 2,000 kilometers, we design and manufacture optical components for coherent systems, which manipulate light to encode ten times or more the amount of information in the same wavelength channel than is possible with traditional methods. This manipulation can only be accomplished using advanced photonic integration to intimately couple functional elements together. Our Coherent Products include NLW tunable transmitter and local oscillator lasers (also referred to as Integrable Tunable Laser Assembly, or ITLA), which generate the ultra-pure wavelength, or color, necessary for coherent transmission, and Integrated Coherent Receivers (ICRs), which decode the phase and polarization encoded coherent signal. We support platforms for NLW tunable transmission based on array DFB lasers and on ECL lasers.

For distances under 100 kilometers, we produce Externally Modulated Lasers (EMLs), Gallium Arsenide drivers for the EMLs, and Indium Phosphide receivers. In addition, we integrate these individual PICs to offer complete 100G optoelectronic transceiver modules.

We provide a proprietary switching solution for 100G coherent systems such as our Multi-Cast Switch (MCS) product line. Our 4x4 and cascadable 4x16 Multi-Cast Switch modules for CDC ROADMs efficiently allocate bandwidth and signal routing in 100G and higher data rate networks. The Multi-Cast Switch provides scalable contentionless operation to achieve the highest traffic management efficiency, optimizing traffic flows in 100G coherent systems. Our MCS uses our PLC photonic integration platform and consists of a complex array of switches, waveguides, taps, crossings and other functional elements manufactured on Silicon wafers using standard semiconductor processing equipment.

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