Environment Guidelines
Our objective is to design, manufacture and sell products in an environmentally sustainable manner, following the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. The key elements of our environmental policy are

• To comply with all environmental requirements and regulations in the countries in which we operate;
• To work with our customers, vendors and regulatory agencies around the world to continuously reduce the environmental impact of our products;
• To establish a system of process controls and audits which ensure compliance to corporate policies and customer requirements;
• To build a corporate cultural which encourages environmental protection and sustainability.

Compliance with Environmental Requirements and Regulations
NeoPhotonics is fully committed to environmental protection and sustainable development and has set in place a comprehensive program for removing polluting and hazardous substances from its products. RoHS compliance is an integral part of our environmental policies and procedures. NeoPhotonics works with each of our suppliers to ensure the RoHS compliance of all of our raw materials. Design for environment is a integral part of our product development process. Designs are reviewed at appropriate stages for compliance to regulatory and customer environmental requirements.

NeoPhotonics has been delivering RoHS compliant versions of its products to customers since October 2005. NeoPhotonics' policies, procedures, and the documentary evidence for RoHS compliance are regularly audited by external third party independent auditors as part of our ISO9001, TL9000 and 14001 certifications.

        RoHS(201165EU) Compliance
        Q & A about RoHS Compliance Products
        Neophotonics RoHS Control System Presentation

Please see your NeoPhotonics sales representative for detailed information on how to order the appropriate RoHS compliant products. We will provide certificates of environmental compliance to customers upon request.

NeoPhotonics also supports the China RoHS requirements, the European WEEE initiative, and other environmental standards around the world. 

Proactive Partnership with Customers, Vendors and Agencies on Environmental Issues
NeoPhotonics is committed to working with our partners to continuously reduce the environmental impact of our products, meeting with our customers to identify new requirements, monitoring technology and environmental trends around the world and working with our vendors and customers to implement best practices for product design and manufacture.

Process and Business Controls for Environmental Compliance
NeoPhotonics maintains careful control over the materials used in our business and factory processes, while taking steps, whenever possible to minimize, substitute, or eliminate the use of substances that are potentially hazardous to the environment. Minimal waste generation, maximum material recyclability and low energy consumption are designed into the entire supply chain and product life cycle whenever possible. We conduct regular internal audits of our own manufacturing operations as well as those of our vendors. Third party audits are held in compliance with ISO 140001.

A Culture Supporting Environmental Protection and Sustainability
NeoPhotonics is committed to promoting environmental protection and sustainability, from product design, through manufacture, sale and distribution of our products.

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