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Tunable Laser Solutions


NeoPhotonics portfolio of highly integrated tunable solutions enables seamless aggregation of multiple services in metro networks. Whether the data rates are 10G, 40G, 100G or higher, NeoPhotonics has a full suite of transmission products including lasers and transmitters suitable for such applications building on highly reliable, fully tunable, scalable and cost effective solutions widely deployed in core applications across the world.

Key Products: Tunable Lasers and Tunable Transmitters

NeoPhotonics proven carrier class reliability meets explosive bandwidth demands with leading edge innovation to build agile backbones. NeoPhotonics Tunable Lasers are well represented with ubiquitous deployment in core networks. Today,  NeoPhotonics integrated transmitter solutions and specialty lasers that enable 40 and 100G networks are being deployed around the world.

Key Products: Tunable Lasers, Tunable Transmitters, Narrow Line-width Lasers, HP Lasers