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NeoPhotonics has extensive expertise in large-scale wafer fabrication, high-volume manufacturing and commercial deployment of PIC products. We use PIC technology, proprietary circuit design tools, design for manufacturing methods, and disciplined fabrication and test protocols to develop high quality products with high yield and low cost.

Core Technology Development

We have developed extensive expertise in the design, large-scale fabrication, high-volume module manufacturing and commercial deployment of our PIC products and technologies. The process of designing and manufacturing PICs in high volume with predictable, well-characterized performance and low manufacturing costs is complex and multi-faceted.

Vertically Integrated Manufacturing

We believe that our vertically integrated manufacturing strategy, which extends from wafer fabrication through module and subsystem assembly and test, provides a sustainable competitive advantage in our industry. Manufacturing of our modules and subsystems is highly complex, utilizing extensive know-how in multiple disciplines and accumulated knowledge of manufacturing processes and equipment.

Intellectual Property

We believe our intellectual property portfolio is one of our key competitive advantages. We have built an extensive intellectual property portfolio both as a core part of our internal research, development and technical strategies. Additionally, our portfolio has grown through our strategic acquisitions, which were driven in part by the acquisition of intellectual property assets.

Industry Standards

Standards can play an important role in the development of new technologies as they can encourage innovation in the industry and shorten the time-to-market of products and technologies. NeoPhotonics understands the significance of standards in the technology industry and participates in various standards and specifications groups.