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Vertically Integrated Manufacturing

NeoPhotonics vertically integrated design and manufacturing process in the United States and China encompasses all steps from wafer design and fabrication to module and subsystem assembly and test, and allows for rapid iterations in the development cycle and shorter time-to-market for our products. This enables NeoPhotonics to innovate throughout the design and manufacturing process, which enhances NeoPhotonics’ ability to meet changing customer requirements, refine production processes and shorten product development cycles.  NeoPhotonics strives to optimize production output for high yield based on established semiconductor industry techniques, including the use of online production data systems and statistical analysis tools, to meet customer specifications, minimize cost and maximize throughput.  NeoPhotonics operations in Shenzhen, China and Silicon Valley, California complement one another to consistently provide high-quality PIC design and precision manufacturing, as well as continuous product improvement through cross-border research and development.

Design Cells: The manufacturing of NeoPhotonics’ modules and subsystems is highly complex, and requires extensive know-how in multiple disciplines and the accumulated knowledge of how to efficiently utilize advanced manufacturing processes and equipment.  For example, NeoPhotonics employs design-for-manufacturing, advanced computer-aided simulation methods, and disciplined statistical process monitoring and controls.   NeoPhotonics’ products are constructed using hierarchical building blocks, or PIC-based elements, which are similar to standard cells used in the semiconductor industry.  These PIC-based elements are designed and tested for manufacturability and use repeated deposition, lithography and etch, precision materials doping, metrology and inspection, with feedback methodologies for continuous process control.   As a result, these elements have a well-characterized performance and standardized interfaces.  These elements can be used as fundamental building blocks to construct complex modules and subsystems.  Since these elements are well-characterized, the design process can be accomplished relatively quickly and easily and with fewer cycles.  NeoPhotonics developed these proprietary processes and technologies over many years in order to provide products that meet our customers rapidly changing requirements.  This knowledge and experience base allows NeoPhotonics to achieve high manufacturing yields with high product consistency and reliability at a low overall cost.

Shorter Development Cycles: Co-location of NeoPhotonics research and development and manufacturing teams allows seemless implementation of design-for-manufacturing practices.  NeoPhotonics vertically integrated manufacturing operations reduce the time required to develop, test and produce new products and configurations and enables higher performance, consistency and reliability. NeoPhotonics has developed proprietary testing methodologies that also help decrease development times, enabling NeoPhotonics to introduce products to the market more quickly.

Manufacturing Facilities:  NeoPhotonics has manufacturing operations in the United States and China. Wafer fabrication operations are located in Silicon Valley, California and include chip design, clean room fabrication, integration and related facilities for PICs.  NeoPhotonics manufacturing, assembly and test operations are located in our Shenzhen, China facilities, and include clean room fabrication, general manufacturing and assembly and test operations utilizing production expertise and cost-effective volume capabilities. NeoPhotonics operations in Shenzhen have primary responsibility for dicing, testing, volume packaging and assembly of PIC-based products. Our Shenzhen facilities also manufacture certain electrical, optical and mechanical parts, such as printed circuit board assemblies and photodiodes, which are incorporated into our products.

Quality: NeoPhotonics utilizes quality control processes and quality management methods in our internal manufacturing operations. Certain of our products are designed and qualified to meet applicable Telcordia Technologies, Inc., TÜV SÜD America Inc. and Underwriters Laboratories Inc. standards. Our manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen are third-party certified to TL 9000, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards and our facilities in Silicon Valley are certified to ISO 9001 standards.