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Intellectual Property

NeoPhotonics has built an extensive intellectual property portfolio both from internal research, development and technical strategies, and through strategic acquisitions.  NeoPhotonics' intellectual property portfolio extends throughout our vertically integrated operations: from materials, design, integration, and wafer fabrication to module, subsystem assembly and test. NeoPhotonics has filed patent applications in the United States and in other countries, including Australia, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan and certain countries in the European Union.  NeoPhotonics' portfolio of patents and patent applications covers a broad range of intellectual property that encompasses over 100 different families. Product families represent distinct technological or method developments, or in some cases, a collection of distinct technological or method developments, that are protected by one or more patents or patent applications and which are sufficiently related to warrant being grouped. Significant technology areas protected by one or more families of our patented intellectual property include:

•   PIC fabrication and design;
•   Hybrid PIC integration;
•   Athermal and enhanced AWG designs;
•   Large scale integration for optical circuit designs;
•   Optimized methods and apparatus for assembly and packaging;
•   Optical MEMS;
•   Advanced-modulation-format optoelectronics;
•   PON transceivers;
•   Telecom transceivers.

In addition, we have registered the trademark “NeoPhotonics” in the United States.