December 14, 2021

14. Beyond 400ZR: Charting a path

What comes after 400G? In this episode we discuss various paths to higher speed transmission. We start with a status of the 400ZR/ZR+ modules, then...

13:15 Min
November 20, 2021

13. Powering Higher Data Rates Over Longer Distances with 0 dBm

Discussion of increasing output power to 0 dBm helping achieve longer reaches and higher data rates, which can only be realized by solving trade-offs including...

12:09 Min
September 11, 2021

12. Why carriers and hyperscale operators care about 400ZR+

Discussion of what the 400ZR+ means and how it can help carriers and hyperscale operators. Topics include applications, scalability and challenges.

10:48 Min
December 2, 2020

11. Extended Discussion of the 400ZR and 400ZR+

Discussion of 400ZR and 400ZR+ including, how they are defined, used, their impact, deployment in the field, and challenges.  There is a bonus tutorial in...

24:44 Min
September 10, 2020

10. Lasers and Components Propel the Next Big Leap In Data Transmission

Discussion of next-generation ICRs, CDMs, and lasers that are propelling transmission rates of 800Gpbs and beyond using 90 – 96Gbaud components.  Guests include Janet Chen,...

21:58 Min
August 5, 2020

9. Will IPoDWDM go Mainstream?

Ron Johnson, Senior Director of Product Management and Architecture of Cisco and Winston Way, Ph.D and Chief Technology Officer of NeoPhotonics, discuss IP over DWDM. ...

22:50 Min
July 10, 2020

8. Packing more Punch into Existing Data Center Interconnects with 75GHz Spacing

First generation data center interconnects can now boost fiber capacity by 800% with upgrades and by moving from 100GHz to 75GHz channel spacing.  John Houghton...

7:22 Min
June 20, 2020

7. Pluggables and Play: Simplifying Data Center Interconnects

NeoPhotonics VP Marc Stiller and John Houghton discuss pluggable modules including definitions, how they can be used in data center interconnects, important characteristics, and what...

11:11 Min
June 11, 2020

6. Space Connectivity

As radio bandwidth becomes saturated, the interest in optical communications in space is increasing because data transmission in space is much faster and more secure. ...

14:14 Min
May 26, 2020

5. Sensing with Coherent Light and LiDAR

Laser linewidth is the finite spectral width related to phase fluctuations in emitted laser light. A lower linewidth implies a purer laser frequency. If a...

11:38 Min