Company History

NeoPhotonics was incorporated as NanoGram Corporation in October 1996 in the State of Delaware. The company initially developed nanomaterials for a variety of applications, before focusing on telecommunications products and changing its name to NeoPhotonics in 2002. Also during 2002 and 2003, NeoPhotonics spun out two new companies to pursue non-telecom applications, NanoGram Devices Corporation – a medical device battery company, and NanoGram Corporation – a nanomaterials applications company. NanoGram Devices was acquired by Greatbatch Inc. in 2004 and NanoGram Corporation was acquired by Teijin Limited in 2010.

NeoPhotonics has grown rapidly and added customers, achieving a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 15% from 2009 through 2014. In addition to developing its own technology and products, NeoPhotonics has added key technologies and products through a series of acquisitions:

March 2003:
Lightwave Microsystems Corporation, a developer and fabricator of photonic integrated circuits

March 2006:
Photon Technology Co., Ltd. (now named NeoPhotonics (China) Co., Ltd.), a manufacturer of active optoelectronics, transceivers, and modules

June 2006:
Lightconnect, Inc., which expanded our product portfolio by adding a line of
microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)-based optical components and modules

June 2006:
OpTun, Inc., a developer of ROADM technology

August 2006:
BeamExpress, Inc., an integrator of active indium phosphide telecommunications devices in parallel optics high-speed transceivers

November 2006:
Paxera Corporation, a developer of tunable technology for dynamically-reconfigurable networks

February 2008:
Certain assets and intellectual property from Mitsubishi Electric Corporation relating to the manufacture of high-speed transceivers

October 2011:
Santur Corporation, a leading provider of tunable lasers and high-speed data transmission modules based on innovation laser array technologies

March 2013:
LAPIS Semiconductor Optical Components Unit, a market leader in design and manufacture of GaAs & InP components for high-speed fiber optics networks

January 2015:
EMCORE Telecom Products, a market leader in design and manufacture of External Cavity Laser (ECL)-based tunable products for high-speed fiber optics networks

November 2015:
EigenLight Corporation, a producer of precision optical power monitoring products