Company Culture

At NeoPhotonics, we thrive in making a difference. In each of our locations, you will find talented and committed teams, where we enjoy what we do and share in the values of our success.

Our Core Values:

Quality We design and manufacture superior products by striving to do everything right the first time.

Integrity We build trust by being fair and consistent, communicating clearly and honestly, making realistic promises and keeping them, protecting confidences and always treating others with respect.


Results Driven Everybody is accountable for results.

Innovation Our success depends on our ability to generate a flow of new ideas and creative solutions.

Customer Focus We act with a sense of urgency and anticipate our customer’s needs.

Continuous Improvement Everybody is responsible for increasing productivity and controlling costs.


One Company We are all members of the same global team, with the same objectives, with the same desire for the company to win.