Health & Wellness

The health of our company is measured by the health of our employees.  It is important to us to nurture, grow and involve our employees in activities. We strive to provide employees with a safe working environment and the opportunities to contribute in a health-conscious organization that reflects individual and business success.

The cornerstones of our efforts to promote employee well-being are:

  • Employee Involvement
  • Safety and Prevention
  • Compliance
  • Balance
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Employee Involvement: NeoPhotonics maintains open channels of communication to share and explore all issues surrounding the work environment, to seek, listen and respond to employee views. We seek to maintain an appropriate balance between all interests: those of our customers, our employees and our shareholders.

Safety and Prevention: NeoPhotonics takes a proactive approach to ensuring that the work environment is as safe as possible. These activities include purchasing the appropriate safety equipment, designing work instructions with safety in mind, providing all employees with safety training and periodically testing our safety procedures with drills and audits. Whether in relation to health problems, workplace safety, illnesses, or stress, prevention is a primary goal of employee well-being activities. An accident or illness avoided is much to be preferred over treatment. Prevention programs include providing wellness information and training to employees, lessons on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, stress reduction training, specialized workplace equipment and accident prevention plans.

Public Health Compliance: We are committed to complying with the rules and regulations wherever we operate around the globe. As necessary, we work with government agencies to support solutions which enhance employee well-being. Similarly, we expect our employees to comply with all company policies including our Code of Business Conduct and we empower our employees to take responsibility for their own well-being and that of their fellow employees.

Balance: In the business environment of today’s competitive world, both employees and companies face increasing pressure to improve their performance. Employees seek jobs that offer financial security and provide the opportunity for career development and advancement. But along with these demanding jobs, employees also want time to pursue personal interests and enjoy time outside of the workplace. NeoPhotonics looks to create a supportive and flexible work environment which provides benefits and services that allow employees to enjoy their life away from work.


Your Total Wellness at NeoPhotonics

NeoPhotonics provides the followings wellness benefits for all employees.

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Life and AD&D insurance
  • Supplemental life insurance
  • Short-and long-term disability
  • Wellness program initiatives

Your Financial Future

  • Flexible spending accounts (FSAs)
  • 401-k plans
  • Employee stock purchase plan
  • Stock compensation

Company Perks

  • Employee referral program
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Educational assistance program
  • Time-off programs
  • Discount program