NeoPhotonics is a global enterprise dedicated to serving customers with integrity and to providing innovative, high quality technology-based solutions. We know that we can successfully expand our business while simultaneously working to improve our environment and the lives of our colleagues, customers and neighbors as well as those of next generations. For many years, we have had a sustaining commitment to actions in support of corporate responsible action, with a focus on environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and good corporate governance.

NeoPhotonics actively promotes sustainable global operations through ongoing programs as well as dedicated work with employees, customers, supply partners and our communities to reduce our environmental impact. Our certifications include ISO 14001 and our Corporate Social Responsibility Report highlights our progress.

We focus on innovation to deliver results, and we do so while enhancing sustainability. We work to apply good science and engineering skills to solving our technical challenges and doing so while using less material, reducing carbon impacts, effluents and enhancing both material recycling and longer term stewardship of the products we create.