NeoPhotonics is a global enterprise dedicated to serving customers with integrity and to providing innovative, high quality technology-based solutions. We know that we can successfully expand our business while simultaneously working to improve our environment and the lives of our colleagues, customers and neighbors as well as those of next generations.

We focus on innovation to deliver results, and we do so while enhancing Sustainability. We work to apply good science and engineering skills to solving our technical challenges and doing so while using less material, reducing carbon impacts, effluents and enhancing both material recycling and longer term stewardship of the products we create.

The management, employees and supply partners of NeoPhotonics work together to create more positive outcomes in all we do through our application of science and engineering. We collaborate with others in our ecosystem as stakeholders in all aspects of our business and we endeavor to find new solutions that are beneficial in terms of raw material management, clean water conservation, energy utilization and climate impact, health and safety, and the continuous education of our employees to these ends.

Sustainability drives innovation across our operations as we find new, beneficial ways to improve our environmental impact, enhance our social responsibility and to apply good science, engineering and corporate governance to all we do.