EigenLight’s Precise Optical Monitoring

Since 1996, EigenLight has designed, developed and manufactured high performance inline fiber optic power monitoring components and test equipment. Using patented technology that extracts a fraction of light from the fiber without breaking the continuity of the transmitted signal, EigenLight has developed power monitors with extremely low insertion loss, low polarization dependent loss and high directivity that are used in 100G/400G systems around the world.

EigenLight’s advanced monitoring solutions include inline optical taps & optical tap arrays, rack-mounted power monitoring solutions, inline handheld power monitors and low-cost pocket power meters as well as custom premium patch cords, attenuators, multi-fiber cable breakouts and more. Our products are ideal for monitoring the optical power of highly sensitive optical systems such as 100G/400G Long Haul, Metro, FTTX and Data Center Optical Networks as well as optical networking subsystems (EDFAs, ROADMs, Raman Amplifiers, OPM modules, etc.), fiber lasers, optical sensor systems and medical laser systems.

EigenLight technologies deliver advanced performance through exceptional specifications. Discover a cost effective way to monitor power within an optical fiber while reducing manufacturing, supply chain and component costs.

“November 2015 NeoPhotonics Corporation acquired EigenLight Corporation, please contact NeoPhotonics Corporation if you are interested in EigenLight products     ( www.NeoPhotonics.com ).”