NeoPhotonics optical receiver module is used for digital transmission systems of up to 155Mbps. It uses an InGaAs avalanche photodiode with a low noise preamplifier. The package is a hermetically-sealed coaxial package with a single mode fiber pigtail.

Features and Benefits

    • Data rate up to 155Mbps
    • High responsivity InGaAs-APD: 8.5A/W
    • Typical sensitivity: -47.5dBm
    • Small coaxial package

Other Information

PNForm FactorData RateSensitivity (Typ)APD Responsivity (Typ)
OF3500BCoaxial w/SMF155Mbps-47.5dBm0.85A/W
OF3507BCoaxial w/SMF155Mbps-47.5dBm0.85A/W

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