NeoPhotonics’s new External Cavity Dual micro-ITLA integrates our proprietary cooled External Cavity Laser (ECL) technology in a new smaller package that offers all the benefits of the micro-ITLA in a form factor that requires 25% less space than two single micro-ITLAs combined, while delivering the same level of performance. The smaller form factor and reduced power consumption of the new Dual micro-ITLA enables customers to design even higher densities into their line cards. The long cavity length of our ECL gives a pure optical signal with the narrowest linewidth in the industry. Lasers with stable phase or, equivalently, a narrow linewidth, become critical, especially for higher order modulation schemes such as 16QAM and 64QAM.

Features and Benefits

    • Requires 25% less space than two micro-ITLAs combined
    • 30 x 45 x 7.5 mm form factor
    • Full C- and L-Band tuning
    • ±2.5 GHz frequency accuracy
    • High SMSR: 55 dB typical
    • >6 dB in-operation power adjustment
    • Ultra-narrow linewidth
    • Standard ITLA RS-232 digital diagnostics
    • Compatible with OIF-micro-ITLA-IA-2.0

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