NeoPhotonics HB-CDM is implemented in a small form factor (12 x 4.8 x 24.8 mm) package which co-packages a linear, quad-channel, differential 64 GBaud driver with an Indium Phosphide based Mach-Zehnder (MZ) quadrature modulator chip. It provides efficient coherent multi-level modulation formats, such as DP-QPSK, DP-16QAM and DP-64QAM, to support coherent transmission up to 64GBd/s.

Being compliant to the OIF’s Implementation Agreement OIF-HB-CDM-01.0 “High Bandwidth Coherent Driver Modulator” (www.oiforum.com), NeoPhotonics HB-CDM guarantees a 3dB EO bandwidth of >40GHz and can operate in an extended temperature range of -5°C to 80°C.

NeoPhotonics HB-CDM is optimally designed to be used in 400/600 Gbps coherent transceiver modules and in line-card applications which leverage its small size, high bandwidth and low power dissipation (4.5W max at 80°C). The integration of driver and modulator into the same package provides advantageous signal integrity, low PCB’s space requirements, easy mounting, and single-component management.

The RF driver is digitally controlled through a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) which allows per-channel gain and peaking control, peak detectors reading, die temperature reading, and squelch functions.

Features and Benefits

    • Supports up to 64GBd/s coherent applications
    • Supports DP-QPSK to DP-64QAM modulation formats
    • C-band, L-band
    • Small form factor (12 x 4.8 x 24.8 mm)
    • Co-packaged quad, differential, linear driver with SPI control
    • InP IQ Mach-Zehnder technology
    • Extended operating temperature range (-5°C to 80°C)
    • EO 3dB bandwidth > 40GHz
    • RF interface: GSSG, 100Ω differential
    • Max power dissipation: 4.5W (at 80°C)
    • OIF-HB-CDM-01.0MSA compliant
    • RoHS compliant