Designed for high-density linecards and CFP pluggable transceivers, the NeoPhotonics Type 2 Coherent Receiver provides advanced demodulation to analyze the state-of-polarization and optical phase of a phase-modulated signal relative to an externally supplied  optical reference. This enables the recovery of the phase-polarization constellation of  100 G/s Dual Polarization Quadrature Phase Shift Keyed (DP-DQPSK) format signals as well as 8-QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) and 200G 16-QAM format signals. The ICR incorporates four sets of high sensitivity  balanced photodiodes with four differential linear amplifiers to provide four  output channels at 32 GBaud and above. The Type 2 Coherent receiver is compliant with Optical Internetworking Forum standard “Implementation Agreement for Integrated Dual Polarization Intradyne Coherent Receivers” OIF-DPC-RX-01.2 Type 2.

Features and Benefits

    • Compliant with OIF "Implementation Agreement for Integrated Dual Polarization Intradyne Coherent Receivers" OIF-DPC-RX-01.2 Type 2
    • 33x22x5.5mm
    • C-band,L-band, A-band, 32 Gbaud and above
    • High performance - very high CMRR
    • Integrated VOA and MPD simplify line cards
    • -5°C to 80°C operation
    • Telcordia GR-1221-Core compliant
    • Telcordia GR-468-Core compliant

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