NeoPhotonics VOA Multiplexer, or VMUX, combines up to 48 individually-controllable VOAs with a 48 Channel AWG in a single compact module. The VMUX is ideal for power leveling, prior to amplification in DWDM systems and can be used in Optical Add Drop Multiplexer configurations. Integrated products, such as VOA Multiplexers, which combine multiple different functions onto a single PLC chip provide a compact cost-effective solution for optical network needs.

Features and Benefits

    • Accurate VOA control enables managed network nodes
    • 40 to 48 channel capability
    • 50 and 100 GHz channel spacing
    • Can match existing channel plans
    • Passband shape can be matched to applications
    • Compact size conserves scarce rack space
    • Low insertion loss, high isolation increase system margin
    • High dynamic range, low PDL VOA performance
    • Available in Mux and Dmux configurations
    • Telcordia GR-1209/1221 compliant

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