Product Overview

NeoPhotonics HB-CDM is implemented in a small form factor (25 x 12 x 5 mm) package which co-packages a linear, quad-channel, differential 64 GBaud driver with an Indium Phosphide based Mach-Zehnder (MZ) quadrature modulator chip. It provides efficient coherent multi-level modulation formats, such as DP-QPSK, DP-16QAM and DP-64QAM, to support coherent transmission up to 64GBaud.

Being compliant to the OIF’s Implementation Agreement OIF-HB-CDM-01.0 “High Bandwidth Coherent Driver Modulator” (, NeoPhotonics HB-CDM guarantees a 3dB EO bandwidth of >40GHz.
NeoPhotonics HB-CDM is optimally designed to be used in 400/600 Gbps coherent transceiver modules and in line-card applications which leverage its small size, high bandwidth and low power dissipation (4.5W max). The integration of driver and modulator into the same package provides advantageous signal integrity, low PCB’s space requirements, easy mounting, and single-component management.

The RF driver is digitally controlled through a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) which allows per-channel gain and peaking control, peak detectors reading, die temperature reading, and squelch functions.


    • Compliant with OIF Implementation Agreement for Type 1 HB-CDM
    • Co-packaged driver with SPI control
    • Indium Phosphide IQ Mach-Zehnder technology
    • C-band, C++ band and L-band versions available
    • EO 3dB bandwidth > 40GHz
    • Max power dissipation: 4.5W (at 80°C)
    • Small form factor (25 x 12 x 5 mm)
    • Now available in 96 Gbaud versions (Class 60) for applications up to 800G


    • Small footprint on line cards and can fit in CFP2-DCO Transceiver modules
    • Supports up to 64GBaud coherent applications
    • Supports DP-QPSK to DP-64QAM modulation formats
    • Available wide spectral range increases total fiber capacity