Product Overview

Designed for high baud rate line cards, the NeoPhotonics High Bandwidth Coherent Receiver provides advanced demodulation to analyze the state-of-polarization and optical phase of a phase-modulated signal relative to an externally-supplied optical reference. This enables the recovery of the phase-polarization constellation of 200 Gbps Dual Polarization Quadrature Phase Shift Keyed (DP-DQPSK) format signals as well as 600 Gbps 64-QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) format signals. The High Bandwidth ICR incorporates four balanced photodiodes with four differential linear amplifiers to provide four output channels at 64 GBaud and above. The form factor of the High Bandwidth Coherent Receiver is compliant with Optical Internetworking Forum standard Implementation Agreement for Micro Integrated Intradyne Coherent Receivers; IA # OIF-DPC-MRX-02.0.


    • Compliant with OIF Implementation Agreement for Type 1 Micro ICR Class 40
    • C-band, C++ band and L-band versions available
    • Designed for 3dB EO Bandwidth of 40GHz
    • Integrated Signal Input Power Monitoring and Variable Attenuator
    • Now available in 96 Gbaud versions (Class 60) for applications up to 800G


    • Small footprint on line cards and can fit in CFP2-DCO Transceiver modules
    • Suitable for applications up to 600 Gbps 64-QAM signals
    • Available wide spectral range increases fiber capacity