Product Overview

NeoPhotonics Inline Optical Tap Detectors (also known as EigenLight Inline Optical Tap Detectors) are used for the measurement of optical fiber power while preserving the continuity of the transmitted signal inside the core of the fiber. Unlike conventional tap detectors, the NeoPhotonics inline tap detector does not use any lens or partial reflector and only a small fraction of the light is removed from the core. Insertion loss can be as low as 0.05dB, including an extremely low polarization-dependent loss, which makes the device ideal for highly-sensitive applications.

Inline tap detectors are used in 100/400G Long Haul, Metro, FTTX, and Data Center Optical Networks, as well as optical networking subsystems (ROADMs, EDFAs, WSS, etc.) where low insertion loss and low PDL optical components are required.


    • Polarization-dependent loss below 0.01dB
    • Very low response of the backward signal (high directivity)
    • Telcordia GR-468 compliant
    • Available in many fiber types (SMF, PMF, low bend radius)


    • Lowest insertion loss tap detector solution reduces system throughput loss
    • Inline optical path for convenient layout
    • Enables accurate network monitoring and control