Product Overview

The NeoPhotonics External Cavity micro-ITLA integrates our proprietary cooled External Cavity Laser (ECL) technology in a miniaturized package that is one third as large with 25% less power consumption than a standard ITLA. The long cavity length of our ECL gives a pure optical signal with the narrowest linewidth in the industry. In coherent systems, any error in the phase of the signal and reference lasers, as represented by that laser’s linewidth, will cause errors in the extracted phase information from the signal. Consequently, lasers with stable phase or, equivalently, a narrow linewidth, become critical, especially for higher order modulation schemes such as 16QAM and 64QAM.


    • Ultra-narrow linewidth (<100 kHz)
    • Output power up to 17 dBm
    • Supports C++ operation
    • Supports C and L band operation
    • Ideal source for next-generation 100/400/800 Gbps coherent systems
    • 2.5W typical power consumption
    • ±1.5 GHz frequency accuracy


    • Ultra low noise allows for improved system OSNR
    • Extended frequency range maximizes fiber utilization
    • Supports higher order modulation applications
    • MSA compliant command set allows for simple operation