We understand our success as a company depends not only on our industry-leading technological innovations but also on our contributions to the global community at large and local communities in which we live and work. Our commitment to the safety and wellbeing of our employees, positive corporate governance, ethical business conduct, product quality and environmental consciousness, including our “Green by Design” approach of developing our optical communications components, all contributes to the long-term sustainability of our business.


NeoPhotonics is fully committed to environmental protection and sustainable development and has set in place a comprehensive program for removing polluting and hazardous substances from its products. RoHS compliance is an integral part of our environmental policies and procedures. NeoPhotonics works with each of our suppliers to help ensure the RoHS compliance of our raw materials.

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Quality Policy & EHS Policy

Ensure customer satisfaction with products and services of highest value in quality, delivery, reliability and performance. NeoPhotonics is committed to continuous improvement and fostering an environment promoting high performance at all levels within the organization.

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Corporate Citizenship

In all of our activities NeoPhotonics strives to promote a sense of corporate citizenship. We will achieve this through a focus on those areas that are under our direct influence. We can improve the world we all live in, both through the benefits provided by our products to the world’s telecommunications capabilities and through the way NeoPhotonics carries out its business activities.

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Employee Well Being

Our success depends on the talent and commitment of our employees. It is important to us to nurture, grow and involve our employees in all activities. In return for their commitment and contributions, we strive to provide employees with a safe working environment, a health conscious organization, jobs that are meaningful, career paths that are far sighted and total compensation that reflects individual and business success.

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Supply Chains Act Policy

California Transparency in Supply Chains Act requires manufacturers to provide consumers with information regarding their efforts to eradicate slavery and human trafficking from their supply chains, and to disclose to what extent, if any, they are engaging in specific actions to address these concerns.

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