Optical Measurement and Control

NeoPhotonics manufactures variety of complex modules that integrate fiber optic components to monitor or to adjust the optical power of an incoming signal. These components must be small, accurate and must have a minimum impact on the continuity of the optical transmission.
We offer these same components individually such as a highly accurate inline power monitor device (S100) that extracts a portion of the light from the fiber and preserves the integrity of the optical link thanks to its ultra-low dependence on wavelength and polarization. A solution with visual display and digital interface is also available and makes this solution suitable for lab use or production testing. NeoPhotonics has also leveraged its MEMS technology to design a high dynamic range variable optical attenuator (MEMS VOA) with low excess optical loss and low wavelength and polarization loss.
Additionally, NeoPhotonics External Cavity Laser (ECL) technology allows the narrowest linewidth tunable laser in the industry, ideal in system link tests, especially for higher order modulation schemes such as 64-QAM.

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