Managing Wavelengths

We design and manufacture products for optical communications networks and a variety of other applications, where the networks operate at speeds less than 100G or for components that do not themselves have a “speed” and may be used with any network bandwidth. Over the last two decades, NeoPhotonics has been a key supplier of these wavelength management products including arrayed wavelength gratings (AWGs), VOA multiplexers (VMUXs) and Multi-Cast Switches (MCS) which are a key filtering and switching technologies used in Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) systems to put different wavelength channels on to and off of transmission fibers. NeoPhotonics is a fully vertically integrated supplier of AWGs, VMUXs and MCSs with in-house design, wafer fabrication, assembly and test, and has shipped more than half a million AWGs to the market world-wide. These include arrayed waveguide grating based drop modules for multiplexing and de-multiplexing in conventional ROADM nodes as well as variable optical attenuators and tap power monitors for network monitoring and control.

We provide a proprietary switching solutions for 100G and above coherent systems embodied in our Multi-Cast Switch (MCS) product line. Our 4×16, 8×16 and 16×13 Multi-Cast Switch modules for CDC ROADMs efficiently allocate bandwidth and signal routing in 100G and higher data rate coherent networks. The Multi-Cast Switch provides scalable contentionless operation to achieve the highest traffic management efficiency, optimizing traffic flows in coherent transmission systems. Our MCS uses our PLC photonic integration platform and consists of a complex array of switches, waveguides, taps, crossings and other functional elements manufactured on Silicon wafers using standard semiconductor processing equipment. Our PLC technology exhibits very low loss and enables the extension of the Multi-Cast Switch to higher port count NxM configurations.

DWDM Line Systems and Open Line Systems

We also design and manufacture wavelength management products intended for use with high capacity coherent DWDM Line Systems, including Open Line Systems. By using higher baud rates and higher order modulation coherent transmission the bandwidth of each wavelength channel can be increased to 800Gbps or higher. NeoPhotonics has designed and introduced new AWGs specifically for these advanced coherent systems that offer channel spacings from 75 GHz to 150 GHz and channel counts from 40 to 85 channels, covering the 6 THz C++ band. The filter response functions have been designed to be to support new coherent systems operating in the range from 60 to 128 Gbaud.

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