Mixed-material Platform for Optical Integration

Advanced Hybrid Photonic Integration is NeoPhotonics core technology and drives our ability to design, develop and produce industry leading, unique and differentiated high speed optoelectronics products. We utilize a set of proprietary integration platforms that provide optoelectronic functionality on Silicon and other integrated compound semiconductor substrates including Indium Phosphide, Gallium Arsenide and Silicon Germanium. Complete advanced photonics integration capability requires integrated combinations of these platforms to achieve optimal performance and cost. The integration of more than one material substrate is called hybrid integration, and our Advanced Hybrid Photonic Integration is used in our 100G and beyond products.

Through precise fabrication and positioning of physical features, NeoPhotonics can integrate numerous different optoelectronic devices, which are fabricated on separate wafers from different semiconductor and related materials, matching the material to the function to create improved performance by using the highest performance elements of each type. For example, our hybrid integration allows us to integrate active devices, such as photodiodes or lasers fabricated using Indium Phosphide, with high-performance passive devices, such as interferometers, switches, routers and filters, fabricated on silicon and to mate electronic amplifiers made with Silicon Germanium or drivers made with Gallium Arsenide directly to optical elements made with Silicon or Indium Phosphide.