Leading Laser Design and Performance

NeoPhotonics specializes in the design, manufacture and control of lasers. Our principle products include ultra-narrow linewidth tunable lasers, electro-absorbtively modulated lasers (EMLs) and distributed feedback lasers (DFB). We design and fabricate laser chips in our wafer fabs and we integrated them with our control circuitry.

NeoPhotonics tunable lasers for coherent communications are based on an external cavity design. An External Cavity Laser, or ECL, is a laser with a reflector that creates the cavity outside of the gain chip and allows the cavity to be longer than if it was confined to the gain chip. Due to their longer cavity length, ECLs generate a much purer “color”, or a narrower “linewidth,” which is very important with higher order modulation (HOM) formats used in coherent communications.

NeoPhotonics has also developed and optimized the in-house scalable InP fab processes to make ultra-fast speed InP based EMLs. An EML (electroabsorption modulated laser) incorporates the laser and modulator in one package. An EML has a stable laser source which provides a stable constant amplitude and the modulation is done by the separate electro-absorptive section next to the laser. The electro-absorptive modulation frequency is not limited by the relaxation frequency of the laser source and can go extremely high as long as the capacitance of the modulator is designed accordingly. With its voltage-induced electroabsorption modulator, NeoPhotonics EML has a capability to operate more than 60Gbps with a high reliability.

NeoPhotonics also designs and manufactures CW Distributed Feedback Laser chips (DFB) for use as light sources for Silicon Photonics based transceivers for use inside the data center. Each laser provides an efficient and high power light source designed around a specific implementation of Silicon-based high speed analog and digital electronic devices and related photonic components. These high power 1310nm CW DFB lasers are qualified to the non-hermetic test compliance with Telcordia GR-468-CORE Issue 2, including damp heat testing for powered non-hermetic devices, and are production ready.

To maximize the capacity of an optical fiber, NeoPhotonics Ultra-Narrow Linewidth Tunable lasers are available in a C++ LASERTM configuration, which has a tuning range of 6.4 THz, covering the full “Super C-band”. This is 50 percent more spectrum than a standard 80 channel, 50 GHz spaced laser. When combined with our C++ ICRTM Receivers and C++ CDMTM Modulators in our 400G OSFP-DCO and other coherent transceiver modules, this technology extends the usable C-Band up to 6.4THz, which can cover 64 channels spaced at 100GHz, 85 channels spaced at 75 GHz and 128 channels spaced at 50GHz.