Technology: NeoPhotonics Laser Devices product offering is based on established Indium Phosphide (InP) laser and photonic integration technology. We have over 10 years of industry leading design and production history for both high power distributed feedback laser (DFB) lasers and high speed modulated device technology such as directly modulated lasers, electro-absorption modulated laser and Mach Zehnder modulators.

Design expertise: Devices today are based on InGaAsP and InGaAlAs. Our mature and high volume DFB laser or distributed feedback laser utilizes a special grating that is created as part of the laser cavity, and the base device structure is based on an efficient buried heterostructure laser design as shown in Fig1.

Laser TechnologyFig1_ed

Fig. 1 Buried heterostructure laser

The special grating is written using an e-beam lithography system which enables creating an array of lasers on a single chip with each laser emitting a unique wavelength. Fig. 2 shows an atomic force microscope image of special phase shifted grating where each line is approximately 100nm wide. In a single chip the machine can write multiple gratings, each with a different grating period to create the array.

NeoPhotonics offers multiple products based on these laser array technologies. Below are two examples that have 12 lasers in one chip per Fig 3.

Laser TechnologyFig2_ed

Fig. 2 E-beam written phase-shifted grating

Laser wavelengths are typically in the 1310nm range (S-band) or the 1550nm range (C-band) as shown in Fig 4. To date we have shipped over 20 million individual DFB lasers, primarily in tunable laser and GPON fiber-to-the-home applications.

Laser TechnologyFig5_ed Laser TechnologyFig3

Fig. 3 Examples of 12 laser array chip

Laser TechnologyFig4.

Fig. 4 High power CW array chip with 18 lasers operating in the C-band

NeoPhotonics is continuously developing new process and design blocks in our vertically integrated fabrication facility. New applications of these lasers include in datacenter applications where high power lasers and WDM laser chips and arrays are used for PSM-4 and CWDM applications.